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MX2 61"
WM 61in MX2 70E balsa airplane -- The newest the structure and design -- Light weight and low wing load -- Huge surfaces and throws -- Super flying performances Features: Carbon undercarriage and carbon wing tube Wing bags included Carbon reinforced fuselage for lightweight strength Clear canopy Specification:...
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MX2 78"
WM 78in MX2 170E -- N ewest design and construction -- Special for Electric power -- Light weight and best 3D performance Specification: -- Wing span: 78in/1980mm -- Length: 77in/1956mm -- Weight: 4200-4300 (witut battery) Equipments required: -- Motor: 6360, Q80, 600-700g, 2500-3000W brushless outrunner...
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MX2 V2+
WM 61in MX2 70E V2+ -- Newest construction and design on 61in size -- -- 150g lighter than V2 version Specification: -- Wing span: 61in/1550mm -- Length: 59in/1510mm -- Weight: 2200-2250g (without battery) Equipments required: -- Motor: 4020, 5050, 300-350g, 1250-1350W brushless outrunner motor -- ESC:...
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