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BJ Craft Inspire. Worlds first dedicated plane for the Contra Rotating Drive

Can also be fitted with conventional power train

New by BJ Craft. 2 Meter F3A pattern airplane.This model has been designed to be powered by the Brenner Sharpe Contra unit. Not only has the airframe been refined aerodynamically for the Contra, there is a new optional motor mount system specially created for the Contra.
BJ Craft has taken this experience along with their knowledge and testing with the Contra to develop this model.

A Contra Drive model needs to have the stability adjusted to counter the effects of the two large props. The tail volume in both yaw and pitch has been increased with a larger horizontal stab and increased fin area, most notably with a ventral fin on the bottom of the fuse. Since the Contra has excellent braking providing control over airspeed the drag of the model was reduced by using different airfoils. This allows for reduced power consumption yet retains the needed airspeed control. The force set-up has been adjusted with different thrust angles and incidences.

The optional motor mount makes assembly of the Contra into the fuselage much easier. Attention has been paid to easy removal and installation making any required maintenance simple.

 Note this airplane can be built and flown without a Contra unit. You just have to add 2.5 degrees of right thrust. BJ Park has tested it and it works fine. 


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