AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
AJ Element
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Brand: BJCraft
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Our latest model is a collaboration between USA champion Andrew Jeskey ad BJ Park

Element - 2 Meter Precision Aerobatic Pattern Plane

Element Features
  • Available in five color schemes; AJ Element (red or yellow) Akiba or Essence scheme.
  • Designed by Andrew Jesky & BJ Park.
  • 2016 USA Nationals winning FAI plane.
  • Covered flying surfaces with unmatched quality found anywhere.
  • Large fuselage side area.
  • Unique tapered wing and horizontal stabilizer.
  • Hinged elevators (2)​.

G2 Features
  • Outstanding self tracking design (reduces the amount of wind correction needed)
  • Slower and more comfortable
  • Perfect interaction with programmable mixing
  • Canalizer effect
  • Yaw stability and yaw stabilizer

Available Color Schemes
  • AJ Element Scheme 1
  • AJ Element Scheme 2 (new version)
  • Essence Scheme

Element Specifications

Wingspan: 71 in. (1800 mm)
Length: 78.75 in. (2000 mm)
Wing Area: 909 sq. in. (58.6 dm2)
Stabilizer Area: 257 sq. in. (16.2 dm2)

Net Weight: 74 oz. (2100 grams)
Gross Weight: 169 - 173 oz. (4800 - 4900 grams)

  • Fuselage:  Fiberglass, balsa laminated, painted 
  • Wings: Balsa built-up with iron on covering
  • Horizontal Stabilizer: Balsa built-up with iron on covering

Flying Surfaces
Wings: Tapered
​Plug-in removable (carbon fiber tube)

Horizontal Stabilizer: Tapered
Dual elevators

Canalizer: Tapered (bolt on)

Available in either Mono Prop or Counter Rotating Prop

Counter Rotating Drive

Gaishin V4 Contra Drive 

Mono Prop Options
Himax 6330 210 Pro Motor
Plettenberg  Advance 30-10
Hacker Q80-14XS
Hacker Q80-13XS
Spinner Size: 83 mm

Hardware Included
  • Wheels, wheel pants, axles, laminated & painted main landing gear
  • Tail wheel
  • Control horns, horn mounting template
  • Servo trays
  • Servo linkage
  • Plywood firewall motor mount
  • Incidence checker (light ply guides)
  • Cooling - intake & exhaust (light ply guides)

Ailerons: (2) Low profile servos
Elevator: (2) Mini servos
Rudder: (1) High torque

Available in some unique Bondaero colour schemes for single prop or contra
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