CRScontra drive
CRScontra drive
CRScontra drive
CRScontra drive
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Many of you may have heard of the new Hacker C54 engines. Hacker brings the C54 a completely new generation of engines on the market. These are 4-pole internal rotor have been designed from scratch and their interpretation represents a further milestone in the F3A-engine technology. We see the C54 as a further step in the consistent development of F3A drives. For the CRS a specially wound C54-L engine will be available, meaning the appropriate kv for the CRS gear ratio.

At the moment there are two motor options which Wolfgang Matt has been testing.

What are the advantages that the C54-L will now offer:
4-pole motor concept with significantly cooler running for the same input power compared with a C50 XL Acro Competition.
The engines are very finely adjustable.
The weight advantage is about 70gr. compared to the C50 XL engines in the same power class.
The consumption for P15 programs will be similar to a C50 but slightly lower whe used with the CRS.

   What will be new for the pilot: Of course, go to the 4-pole motor concept involving other torque curves, that is, Throttle curves must be re-flown. Similarly, the brake settings have to be adapted to the new engines. Wolfgang Matt has already been extensively tested brake settings, so we can serve with good initial values. The C54-L engines are shorter and havea slightly larger diameter. Engine mounts for CRS must therefore also be retrofitted.  
- Since  2010 Ralph Schweizer has worked intensively with Koaxialantrieben and referenced both the Brenner system and  the "Ramel / Seba" system. Both systems are based on the principle of a differential coupled with an internal rotor. Ralph is convinced that a coaxial system is another step in the evolution to neutral flying F3A models.  To cut short a lot of work where the last few years were a constant learning process from which the idea has grown to develop a new system that meets the needs of the beginner and will do justice to the world-class pilots. 

Objectives were:
To keep the unit as light as possible and ensure that all rotating masses and  the mass distribution of all components is  close to the axis of rotation thus minimising centrifugal forces and moments. 

Combining the best yet workable materials: All the main housing parts are made of 7075 aluminum (black anodized). Insiders know that this is not an easy thing, and have only the best companies have the know-how. The planet carrier is rotated from a titanium alloy from the solid material, the bearing seats are then precision ground. This means a lot of effort but also absolute advantages in terms of smooth running and wear of planetary gears.  The planet gears sit on needle bearings within a steel cage, the best pairing the imaginable.
  To minimize wear, the planet gears run on hardened steel pins. Ball bearings are the best available. To get good bearings is no longer as simple as increased production will be moved to low-wage countries therefore RS decided on German and Japanese suppliers in which the quality of the built storage is guaranteed. The built-in ball bearing dimensions are such that they could take up a multiple of influencing forces - thereby acquiring durability, longevity and reliability.

In the design was paid to the best possible lever moments. We have therefore deliberately refrained from a Koaxsystem to fix the engine. The RS system all forces will taken as close as possible to the places where they occur. A soft suspension with favorable lever ratios protects the mechanics and also makes the drive quieter.

A not very simple thing in Koaxialantrieben is the Spinner solution. A precise concentricity with low weight it should be. The transition to Philippe Marquet was thus inevitable, since it has the know-how to produce the best and most accurate spinner. Along with him several spinners are designed for coaxial. Here too, we rely on the highest quality materials. The front propeller sits as we of "conventional" Marquet spinners know on a spinner plate with cone held by a collet. This collet chuck consists of a titanium alloy and is produced by a high-tech company, so the fits and pressures and thus the concentricity is absolutely precise. First the 82mm Spinner will be available. The other diameters will come later.

The sound and the noise of a Koaxsystem depends on many factors. I have these factors with the aim to develop elicited a pleasant as possible sounding and quiet drive. Here for me rather bothersome typical "wawa" the known Koaxantriebe been largely minimized. For this reason I have decided from the outset that the CRS only be delivered with a matching and proven soft engine mount. As a final logical step, we will develop even matching coaxial propellers, but that we need to move for reasons of time. We rely on good propeller from the house Mejzlik, or available in the dimensions 22x18 American propeller front / rear or 22x18vorne / 22x20 rear.

• Power delivery: The system was tested for traction and braking performance optimized, so come earlier called propeller used. We have 4.6 - 4.9kg biplane with 22x18vo / rear can partially fly with 75% power reduction in average wind conditions. So depending on flying style and aircraft weight we have the ability to adjust the setup to almost every demand. Even with 5kg heavy biplanes and in very windy weather has enough power to fly as possible Constant speed the system. 4500 batteries provide the necessary reserves to even with a lot of wind to come by power-hungry programs. We are in no way weaker than the competition!

Weight: by judicious design and use of lightweight but durable materials we can really sensational weights Attending. In order to compare the system with other systems Engine Suspension incl. Propeller must compare incl. Done. We have imputed 100gr. for a set of thrusters and 420gr. estimated for the engine. The goal was a complete power system with motor, engine mount, propeller under 800gr. to build. We are perhaps a few grams do not reach the target (depending on Spinner dimension), but so are at least 60 grams lighter than other systems with internal rotor and the lightweight engine mounts from RS. Comparing different suspensions to one another as is the weight saving in some cases even more than 80gr. Even set against the lightest series drives on the gears and belts, we will have no disadvantages in terms of weight. The lightest drives have based on this concept about 800 - 815gr.

• Serviceability: Clear demands a planetary gear maintenance. So in order to be as simple as possible to keep the maintenance greasing the transmission but is located in the hollow shaft from the drive a closable opening through which the transmission is lubricated at certain intervals. Together with the gear you get a syringe with a special needle to the transmission greased from the outside. Old used grease must be removed at certain intervals from the transmission. The effort has its limits. The engine mount is designed for the established manner that the complete drive unit can be pulled forward out of the fuselage. Sidecut and camber settings so remain unchanged !!!

Through a few simple steps the CRS can be disassembled and clean the system. It does not take longer than a C50 XL Acro Competition. • Price: measured at production cost and the noble components that we can come up to be used with a price that is only slightly higher than other drives similarly constructed. But for this slightly higher price you will get an absolutely competitive product that offers a lot of weight advantages, and in terms of processing has no equal - all still combined with a very pleasant sound development. Who has understood the philosophy of Ralph Schweizer Model making, know that he is well cared for even after the sale - whether during installation or operation of the system - I support you with the accumulated know-how in recent years. For installation in various models we can offer CNC machined frames and templates.

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