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Agera 62
Based on the full competition 2m Agera this model is all wood construction pre covered in top end quality film. 1500mm span.
Nuance G2"
Nuance G2 Specification: Designed by BJ PARK Manufacturing by BJ CRAFT Wingspan 1920mm Length 2000mm Wing area 82.6 dm2 Stabilizer area 17 dm2 Spinner diameter 82 mm RC system 6 ch 5 servos 1ESC Aileron...
Transmitter tray
The Pro Grip Radio Tray was specifically designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. We feel a tray should fit the pilot's style, not make the pilot adjust to the tray. Whether that puts...
R210 F3aMotor
We will be stocking this high end F3a motor in 210kv and 220 kv winds with a 200kv wind available to order. R210 Falcon 20 x 12.5 three blade prop ---- rpm 5940 / 2457W / 67A R220 Falcon 20 x 12.5 three...
Plettenberg Advance 30-10
QUICK OVERVIEW Plettenberg Advance 30-10 Electric Motor The most popular and advanced powerplant ever developed. Looks like an outrunner but is a true non-geared In-Runner. Truly unique!!! Instruction...
Adrrun v2 XS
Helical gears reduce the generated sound and vibration level due to smoother meshing and a more constant transmission of torque. A rear soft mount limits the amount of vibrations transmitted into the fuselage....
E Factor Contra drive
E-F-506 CRS Electric Propulsion Set for F3A-Models with 4,5 5,0 kg Take-off Weight The E-Factor CRS electric propulsion set E-F-506 presents a ready to install, perfectly tuned, and thoroughly tested Contra-Rotating-System...
RT Karat
We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Robin Trumpp to import his new KARAT Bipe design to the UK. The design has a heritage dating back to the early 90s however this is the first time the...