Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Nuance G" FAI combo
Product Code: ng2c
Brand: BJCraft
Product Condition: New
£1,899.00 inc. tax
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The fabulous 2nd generation Nuance from BJ Craftsupplied with competition brushless R210 pro motor and Gecko ESC 

Nuance G2                                          £ 1649
R210 brushless motor                          £   399
ZTW 120HV Gecko ESC                        £   134

Nuance G2 Features
The Nuance G2 (generation two) for 2019 is the newest addition to the BJ Craft lineup of competition F3A pattern planes. The Nuance G2 is a one of the most affordable competition planes offered today. This plane is easy to construct with a straightforward approach to setting up. Couple this plane with a Himax or Plettenberg motor and you'll have a combination capable of most any maneuver up to FAI class. 
  • All new design for the 2019 season
  • Fiberglass & Balsa fuselage fully painted in a beautiful color scheme
  • Covered flying surfaces with unmatched quality found anywhere
  • Same tracking features as the G2 series without a canalizer
  • Traditional tapered wing and horizontal stabilizer
  • Traditional hinged elevators (2)​
  • Outstanding flight characteristics
  • No canalizer used on this plane
  • Light wing loading
  • Capable of performing all the maneuvers to FAI class
  • Large fuselage side area
  • Outstanding self tracking design (reduces the amount of wind correction needed)
  • More consistent speed than its predecessor
  • Soon to be the most popular BJ Craft model sold in the US

Color Scheme
  • All new Nuance G2 scheme

Nuance G2 Specifications

Wingspan: 75.6 in. (1920 mm)
Length: 78.7 in. (2000 mm)
Wing Area: 1038 sq. in. (67 dm2)
Stabilizer Area: 263 sq. in. (17 dm2)

Net Weight: 70.5 oz. (2000 grams)
Gross Weight: 158 - 172 oz. (4500 - 4900 grams)

  • Fuselage:  Fiberglass, balsa laminated, painted 
  • Wings: Balsa built-up with iron on covering
  • Horizontal Stabilizer: Balsa built-up with iron on covering

Flying Surfaces
Wings: Taper
Plug-in removable (carbon fiber tube)

Horizontal Stabilizer: Tapered
Dual elevators

Himax 6330-210 Pro Motor
Plettenberg  Advance 30-10
Axi 8112

ESC: 80 HV or above
Spinner Size: 82 mm

Hardware Included
  • Wheels, wheel pants, axles, laminated & painted main landing gear
  • Tail wheel
  • Control horns, horn mounting template
  • Servo trays
  • Servo linkage
  • Plywood firewall motor mount
  • Incidence checker (light ply guides)
  • Cooling - intake & exhaust (light ply guides)

Ailerons: (2) Low profile servos
Elevator: (2) Mini servos
Rudder: (1) High torque
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