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The journey to top level F3a competition flying starts at various points for pilots with varying levels of experience skill and commitment not to mention different equipment. You may already be flying in competition or contemplating taking your BMFA B test. Whilst successfully obtaining the B profficiency level can often be the catalyst for beginning to compete in F3a it also very possible to start at a higher level. Now a single manufacturer caters for all levels of F3a flyer.



B. J. Park has on several occasions been the Korean national F3a champion and competed in the F3a world championships with his own design 2 metre “Monolog” Following the demise of Fliton Aircraft who produced the B. J. Park Inspire 60 and 90 designs B.J. now has his own manufacturing factory producing the 2m Monolog. It is difficult to imagine more flexibility than what is now on offer. There are there four different sized Monologs and each one comes with  different mounts to suit either glow (two stroke or four stroke) IC. or electric power with the larger versions equally at home with a petrol powerplant.


So wherever your f3a career is there is a Monolog to suit from the 1200mm span 30, the 1500mm span 70, or the 1700mm span 110. For a reasonable outlay the 70 will see you through your BMFA B (required to fly in GBRCAA competition) and the Monolog 110 will see you right throughto Masters class competition flying. A rare beast indeed is the all wood Monolog 2m with a span of 1900 mm providing a very cost effective way to fly competition aerobatics at any level. 


By the time you read this there will be Monologs flying in the UK made available by Chris Bond at

If you are going all the way to FAI,  are already there, or just love those top level patternships the range also includes the semi composite Prolog and Nuance both of which have composite pre painted fuselages and built up pre covered wings. At this level achieving the all up maximum weight  of 5kg is crucial. With full airframe weights of a under half of that, it leaves plenty of scope to get these flying under the weight limit. So BJ Craft planes really can take you through you r BMFA B Certificate to flying the FAI  F13 fly off schedule.      

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