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BJ I Drive
I-Drive 2Blade Drive system weight only 480g (save 100g Common F3A motor) max power 3800w /10 sec max flight RPM 21.5x13 Falcon 6700RPM
BJ L DRive
L-drive Feather Light Weight system Weight only 360g-390g (save 200g Common F3A motor) Same Weight and CG @ 8000mah Battery Max Power 4000w /5 sec Max Flight RPM 21.5x13 Falcon 6700RPM/21x14 Falcon 6900RPM
E Factor Contra drive
E-F-506 CRS Electric Propulsion Set for F3A-Models with 4,5 5,0 kg Take-off Weight The E-Factor CRS electric propulsion set E-F-506 presents a ready to install, perfectly tuned, and thoroughly tested Contra-Rotating-System to power F3A or similar aerobatic model aircraft. This ultimate motor/gearbox...
BJ XDrive contra unit Pre order
Additional images gratefully received from Steve Hannah Normal price 1375-- pre order now for January delivery paying just 275 deposit and leave 1000 balance due on arrival SAVE 100 Please ask for our contra data sheet
£1,375.00 £275.00
Introducing the new planetary coaxial single-stage gearbox with counter-designed for use with electric brushless motor type HACKER C54 on unmanned aerial vehicles of wide application. The transmitted power is no more than 6 kW. On the output shafts of the reducer are installed propellers of different...
£899.00 £809.10
CRScontra drive
Many of you may have heard of the new Hacker C54 engines. Hacker brings the C54 a completely new generation of engines on the market. These are 4-pole internal rotor have been designed from scratch and their interpretation represents a further milestone in the F3A-engine technology. We see the C54 as...
Adrrun v2 XS
Helical gears reduce the generated sound and vibration level due to smoother meshing and a more constant transmission of torque. A rear soft mount limits the amount of vibrations transmitted into the fuselage. We have tested these changes and also worked with some pilots to gather feedback. This feedback...
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