Full 2metre FAI spec
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Skyleaf Leader
The world championship winning plane flown by Tsui Onda in Agentina now available in very limited numbers. Expressions on interest now deposits taken January.
AJ Accuity 2m
What's in the box: Carbon reinforced landing gear mount Removable rudder Carbon main gear G-10 control horns Dual ball links for all connections Carbon wing tube Genuine Ultracote covering (White HANU870, True Red HANU866, Midnight Blue HANU885, Silver HANU881) NOTE: This product is shipped in a single...
Caelus 2 Meter Plane with new color scheme. Description: 1. Full fiberglass construction, sandwiched by Airex, balsa & epoxy. 2. Beautifully painted outside the mold so there are no ugly seams seen on most all composite planes. 3. Wing and stab have incidence adjusters pre-installed. 4. Detachable main...
The new state of the art F3a competition monoplane from BJ Essence EP Specification:(Standard Type) Designed by BJ PARK Manufacturing by BJ CRAFT Wingspan 1850mm Length 2000mm Wing area 58.6 dm2 Stabilizer area 17.2 dm2 Spinner diameter 82-83 mm Aileron servo on/above 6kg 2ea Servo Elevator servo on/above...
BJ CRAFT G2 Invitation ARF Standard EP/Engine both Possible (All parts included) Common shape main wing Common shape 2 servo stab Invitation color scheme -------------------------------------------------------- Invitation GP/EP Specification: Standard Type Designed by BJ PARK Manufacturing by BJ CRAFT...
Nuance G2"
Nuance G2 Features The Nuance G2 (generation two) for 2019 is the newest addition to the BJ Craft lineup of competition F3A pattern planes. The Nuance G2 is a one of the most affordable competition planes offered today. This plane is easy to construct with a straightforward approach to setting up. Couple...
Agenda CD
Agenda CD Specification: Designed by BJ PARK Manufacturing by BJ CRAFT Wingspan 1800mm Length 2000mm Wing area 58.6 dm2 Stabilizer area 16.2 dm2 Spinner diameter 82-83 mm (Contra Drive) Aileron servo on/above 6kg 2ea Servo Elevator servo on/above 6kg 1ea Servo(Full moving) Rudder servo on/above 8kg 1ea...
Immortal & Eternity Biplane Features If you've ever dreamed of owning a competitive F3A Biplane - This is the One. Beautiful flowing lines on this limited Biplane. Available in either a Single Prop (Immortal) or Contra Drive System (Eternity). All parts are fully manufactured, painted, covered and ready...
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AJ Element
Our latest model is a collaboration between USA champion Andrew Jeskey ad BJ Park Element - 2 Meter Precision Aerobatic Pattern Plane Element Features Available in five color schemes; AJ Element (red or yellow) Akiba or Essence scheme. Designed by Andrew Jesky & BJ Park. 2016 USA Nationals winning FAI...
New Fantasista SP
Fantasista SP Features This may very well be the "Finest Flying F3A Plane Ever Built" Designed by Akiba Y. Split ailerons - multi flap. Fiberglass & Balsa fuselage fully painted in a beautiful color scheme. Covered flying surfaces with unmatched quality found anywhere. Stepped leading edges on flying...
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