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Alloy wheel brass bush upgrade
Pair of axle bushes for smooth running of your alloy wheels
Alloy wheel replacement tyres
Alloy wheels spare tyres 57mm or 64mm
F3a tailwheel
High-quality tail wheel assembly. Made of aluminum and spring steel. Complete with tyre and wheel collar and weighs 9g (.317 ounces) complete as shown The foam wheel is 28mm diameter x 11mm wide Very easy...
Quality hard wearing wheels for the rigours of F3a have never been easy to find and then not at an affordable price. Now thanks to our Austrian partner Ralph Schweizer we are a to offer these sets to suit...
Lightweight F3a tailwheel
Solid construction on what is now our favourite tail wheel assembly fo both 70 size and full 2m planes
Pre painted f3a spats
Lightweight at approx 35g pre painted wheel pants/ spats in pairs. Nice qualtiy spray painted in a choice of blue or multicolour. Limited suppy so get them when you can.
Carbon undercarriage sets
New beautiful quality strong lightweight carbon undercarriage sets in four sizes. Size M(lite) L L(lite) XL Dimension A 220 270 270 320 Dimension B (mm) 58 55 60 60 Dimension C (mm) 20 25 25 20 Dimension...
Carbon f3a wheelspats
Falcon F3A Carbon Fiber Wheel Pants Set Beautiful glossy carbon fibre F3A wheel spat set. left and right spats with molded in mounting pads. Fits up to a 60mm tyre size. Lightweight high quality carbon...
Wheel and Spat combo
An opportunity to upgrade the landing on your patternship. This combo is lightweight but extremely robust. The package includes a pair of Falcon carbon wheel pants, a set of alloy wheels and pre fitted...
Painted spats,wheel & axle sets
Lightweight at approx 35g pre painted wheel pants/ spats in pairs complete with Duralloy axles and 57mm alloy wheels