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Composite Propellors
Lightweight efficient quality prop suits our 70 size powersets
Falcon prop covers
Top quality Neoprene with velcro straps from Falcon Sold as a pair to suit one prop
Vented spinner
The enemy of electric flight is heat. For safety and longevity of your flight batteries and Esc it is important to keep the temperature from rising too high. Now you don't have to pay the earth for a lightweight...
Carbon prop 17x8
Lightweight super efficient and elegant carbon prop to suit those 6s patternships
FAI Tru Turn Turbo cool spinners
Introducing the all new Tru-Turn "TURBO-COOL" Spinner. These spinners are specifically designed for Electric Motor Applications. The Backplate Spokes are machined to a Blower Configuration and the Cone...
Biela carbon props
Biela 21 x 14 carbon prop Black with yellow tips
RS Carbonlight Props
Beautifully engineered composite props optimised for f3a. weighing in at 38-40g each. RS 21x14 EL extra light RS 21x13 EL extra light RS M2 21x14WE We proudly present a new prop specially designed for...
Falcon carbon spinners
Top quality Carbon Fiber Spinners. Designed to compliment our Falcon Carbon Electric props. Pre-cut with cooling holes; all spinners come with CNC machined lightened back-plate, black anodized. Back-plate...
Falcon v2 extra lite carbon propellor
Beautifully finished lightweight super efficient carbon prop with complimentary prop covers Hand-made from top grade carbon material. Crafted for top quality & maximum effectiveness at competitive prices....
FALCON contra props
FALCON Contra props suit the following contra units and are stocked in may sizes and we can recommensd a size set foryour needs Brenner V3 Brenner V4 CRS ( Ralph Schweizer ) A dverrun AVR15 Sebart Falcon...
Falcon Contra Spinner
Carbon spinner to suit F3a Contra drive systems available o fitvarious drives. Stocked in 82mm and 89mm in black and white.